Waterfalls in Milford Sound

As you cruise spectacular Milford Sound the highlight for many people will be the brilliance of the fiords’ waterfalls. Every waterfall is unique, ever changing, some permanent, some temporary. If it has rained within 24 hours before your cruise you are guaranteed a most memorable experience.

Bowen Falls (Lady Bowen Falls)

Named after the wife of Sir George Bowen, one of New Zealand’s early governors in the 1870’s. This spectacular waterfall is one of only two permanent falls and drops 160 metres from a classic hanging valley in the Darren Mountain Range.

Fairy Falls

One of the few waterfalls to drop straight into the Fiord.

Bridal Veil Falls

So named as it resembles a brides veil. This is a semi-permanent waterfall that is most impressive after heavy rain.

Stirling Falls

Drops 146 metres from a beautiful U shaped hanging valley carved out between Elephant and Lion Mountains. Stirling Falls is the second largest permanent waterfall in the fiord and is fed by glaciers situated in the mountains behind. Named after Captain Stirling when he brought the HMS Cleo into Milford Sound during the 1870’s.

Cascade Falls

During heavy rain this mountain range comes alive with waterfalls.

Occasionally tree avalanches occur when heavy vegetation clinging to the steep and rocky valley walls gives way under the impact of heavy rain.